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30 March 2017
Welcome to Madeley Cricket Club's website. We Would like to thank all our sponsors for their continued and valuable support. Please see our sponsors page.
Welcome to my  blog
Firstly I must thank everyone for their good wishes and support during my recent illness. The love of family and friends really is a fantastic medicine. We are not quite over winter but with cricket starting in about 8 weeks it feels as though we have broken the back of it. The words of the great Victorian Poet, Robert Browning resonate

The yearís at the spring,
And dayís at the morn;
Morningís at seven;
The hill-sideís dew-pearled;
The larkís on the wing;
The snailís on the thorn;
Godís in his Heavenó
Allís right with the world!

Forget Brexit, forget Trump - cricket starts soon so all is right with the world.

We started winter nets last month. We have 4 lanes at Much Wenlock Sports Centre every Saturday from 4-6pm. They are well attended but we always welcome new members - men, women, children - all ages. I plan to have my first one tomorrow. Cricket force will be with us soon - watch this space for details.

Thank you to every one who has visited the club and attended events through the winter. This support helps us provide the top quality facilities of which we are so proud"


Apr   -  Week 1

1st X1 

2nd X1  

3rd X1
4th X1

Interesting Fact (Updated 2013)

Did you know that since 1995 there have been at least 30 different players in First & Second teams who have scored a total of 92 centuries between them. There may be more as some scorebooks are missing. How many can you name and how many have each scored? Without looking at the Stats pages!

 Click Here For List

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Classic Blooper
Unless something happens that we can't predict, I don't think a lot will happen

Fred Trueman